Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar – 3 Are Very Serious

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The symptoms and signs of high blood sugar are classified into two types – Common signs and Warning signs of diabetes. The chronic disorder of the body is classified as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Though the warning signs of high blood sugar are the same in all types of diabetes they differ with diabetics. Perhaps you might have come across such warning signs of increased blood glucose in your body. Yet, a deliberate clarification of signs of high blood sugar is presented in this juncture.

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When a diabetic suffers with increased blood glucose there is greater chance for obesity health risks and other secondary risk factors such as heart problems, nerve damage, kidney damage, and stroke. The acquaintance of presence of diabetes symptoms can compel you to go for a screening test of diabetic sugar in your body.

Screening Tests for diabetes

If you go for test for diabetes with low or high blood sugar signs you can be safe against enhanced risk factors or bodily complications. If not diagnosed and treated properly to bring down the levels of blood sugar you cannot maintain your health. Here are three warning signs of high blood sugar which are to be seriously viewed.

Numbness and tingling sensation

Numbness and tingling sensation in hands and feet is a significant warning sign of high level of glucose in the bloodstream. It is true that the tingling sensation in hands or feet is a sure symptom of high blood sugar. This numbness is sometimes felt in the teeth gum also. Some diabetics may feel tingling sensation in the eye lids too. All these are indications of increased sugars finding their way everywhere.

Skin wounds not healing

Another symptom of blood glucose is the slow healing of wounds and infections. As the sugar increases in the blood vessels, the density of the blood increases. The thick blood cannot pass through the fine capillaries to heal the wounds. Cuts and wounds at the feet of the diabetic take longer time to healing, sometimes leading to amputation and gangrene in severe cases.

Thirst for water

The third symptom of high blood sugar is unquenchable thirst. It is a notable symptom because the thirst felt by a diabetic is quite extraordinary. It is not like taking one or two glasses of water on a hot day. Instead, the diabetic is seen very now and then opening the water jug and emptying with a devilish thirst.

Controlling blood sugar is really an art. If you want to be safe, you should know the description of 3 Important Fruits for Diabetes AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid to lower sugar levels.

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