Diet Tips to Effectively Combat Renal Failure

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Before dealing about the changes that are necessary to combat renal failure, it will be helpful to know that this illness is not the only health complaint most of the times. There are a few other complications such as diabetes or heart ailment that lay hidden in many patients for a long time.

In such a case, a diet known as the ketogenic meal schedule is prescribed, which includes items that are low in carbohydrate content and high in terms of specially prepared fat. In addition, such a specialized type of food menu ensures that your body gets the right amount of essential nutrients to make sure that the road to recovery is safe and steady.

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In fact, these patients can hope to postpone dialysis for some time if their body accepts the changes and responds positively. This should encourage you to continue with home-made remedies to deal with and heal renal malfunctioning or failure in an utmost effective manner.

A few other popular items that are prescribed for patients diagnosed with renal failure are:

A. Fruits like pineapple and berries like cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry

B. Tea varieties such as Java tea and green tea

C. Herbal extracts from

• Rehmania
• Cough grass
• Uva ursi

D. Items low in animal fat and protein

E. Grape seeds and extracts

What are the special features of a kidney diet?

True to its growing popularity, this type of diet schedule is being recommended by medical practitioners and dieticians across the world. A few examples of an average day of this plan will be something like:

a. Egg whites included and the yellow parts excluded

b. Lean meat included and red meat excluded

c. Fish included but only certain varieties that are low in fat and that too in a very small quantity only

d. Inclusion of carbohydrate items only up to 8 grams per day

e. Fresh fruits like citrus fruits as they contain less level of sugar and also minimum fleshy content

f. Even the cereals, grains and condiments included in your diet should be whole since they have low fat content

g. Vegetables like asparagus, onion, cabbage, parsley and sprouted kidney beans

h. Items made in olive or flaxseed oil

Generally, in this type of diet, there is a recommended diet formula on a per-day basis, which includes the various elements like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, protein, fluids, sodium, etc. Interestingly, the nature of the diet recommendations varies according to the severity and the present condition of the failure of the renal system.

With the overall aim of reducing the burden on the kidneys, a ketogenic diet is designed to serve as an answer to those thinking about how to reverse kidney disease. There are many benefits attached to this plan of food menu as the patients are able to control the associated factors in a kidney disease, such as obesity and heart disease.

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