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How to Stop Diabetes the Natural Way & Reverse Its Dangerous Complications!

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body either does not produce insulin or doesn’t use it properly. Insulin is the hormone that helps your body use the energy it gets from sugars, starches and other types of food. The result is that your body is not getting the energy it needs and the glucose gets accumulated in your blood causing damage to the organs. Glucose is the main fuel for your body. When there is no insulin to transport glucose to your organs, the blood sugar levels rise.

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High blood sugar can directly cause a number of serious problems. Diabetics are at risk of long-term complications, when the blood sugar remains high. When blood sugar is between 150 to 200 mg / dl this can cause dehydration, loss of sugar from the urine, swelling in vital organs, lack of energy and increased risk of infections. This disease can cause damage to all organs, skin, blood vessels, heart, kidney, brain and often it doesn’t give any symptoms. When there are obvious symptoms of diabetes, namely increased thirst and appetite, weight loss and frequent urination during the day, then in all probability blood sugar is already too high and may be greater than or equal to 200mg/dl.

There are 2 types of this condition:
Type I or juvenile diabetes, is usually diagnosed during childhood or adolescence. In Type I, the pancreas produces little or no insulin. Therefore, people suffering from this condition need treatment for a lifetime. It’s much more rare than the Type II, since only 5-10% of people suffer from this form of the disease. The survival of patients with this type is dependent on insulin injections.

Type II or maturity onset diabetes, may occur later in life. Usually, it occurs in people over the age of 40. Insulin does get produced by the body. but can not be used effectively. This is the most common form and about a 90-95% of all cases are cases of diabetes mellitus type II. An important factor in the occurrence of the disease is obesity.

How Can I Stop Diabetes?

If you are a diabetic you should follow a diet that aims at restoring blood sugar at normal levels. On a daily basis you should consume: vegetables, fresh fruit, low fat milk and yogurt and drinks without sugar.

The best fruit you can eat, especially if you are at the early stages of this disease, is the kiwi, which may very well be the only known anti-diabetic fruit. It would be a good idea to choose organic kiwi fruits because they are rich in minerals.

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