The Super Foods to Eat to Overcome the Signs of Diabetes

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Are there any really healthy foods you can eat that are going to basically help you to reverse your diabetes, or to stop you getting it? It’s interesting how the medical profession has a range of readings to judge your blood glucose readings by. As long as you fit within ‘our’ recognized levels of glucose in the blood, then we think you normal, is how the assessment goes, however if you happen to present some readings that are higher than what they consider ‘normal’, then you’re likely to hear “I’m sorry but your blood glucose levels are higher than what we like, and we think you’re diabetic”. My problem with this, is where do you set the bar? How can you know that where they determine this bar is set is actually the point of no return. I’m a great believer that if you can get there through poor lifestyle choices, then you should be able to get back through good lifestyle choices, hence I’m on a bit of a crusade that type2 diabetes should be absolutely reversible.

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There are several foods and dietary and herbal supplements that some people believe hold some magic superpowers, and that when taken regularly have the ability to not only help you to normalize your blood sugar levels, but even reverse them altogether and help you achieve normality.

The three main superfoods that we need to consider, that have super antioxidant capabilities, and are known to be exceptionally good for you are;

1) Resveratrol

This is a supplement taken as a tablet, and has a large number of followers who can attest to its wonderful natural healing abilities. It is well known to help reduce high blood pressure, support heart health, some studies suggest it even extends our expected lifespan, and others even claim it helped the beat cancer

2) Blueberry leaf

Research studies of blueberry leaf extract has discovered that it can reduce blood glucose amounts by as much as 26%. Blueberry leaf contains a compound called caffeoylquinic acid, which is known to inhibit an enzyme known as glucose-6-phosphatase which converts the sugars in food into blood glucose for our bodies. When this enzyme is inhibited, there is less sugar converted to glucose which consequently means less will remain in the bloodstream. In a recent study involving 75 non-diabetic individuals, whereby some were given blueberry extract while others were provided with a placebo control before eating a meal. The control group had average blood glucose levels of 142 mg/dL whilst the blueberry leaf group came in at only 121 mg/dL. A further research study involving people with Type 2 diabetes concluded that taking blueberry leaf extract three times a day for two months could reduce their blood glucose levels by an average of 33 mg/dL.

3) Goji Berries and their Health Benefits:

Whilst there haven’t been a lot of clinical trial involving goji berry juice, there are literally thousand of personal testimonials on the internet about people with diabetes who have managed to reduce or cut out their medications altogether after drinking goji juice regularly for a week or more.

Taking any of these natural products is obviously completely natural and also optional. There are literally thousands upon thousand of people who have diabetes but yet are looking for natural diabetes treatment methods that don’t involve drugs. A combination of the above supplements, and herbal remedies could be utilized in conjunction with your normal blood glucose lowering medication, and if (as many other have found) that these wonder foods can help you naturally reduce your need for medication, then you are on your way to wining the war against type 2 diabetes.

Maintaining good type 2 diabetes control is essential to minimize the damage high blood sugar can do to your body. It’s not rocket science, but from the time become diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, it becomes important to take a concerted and focussed awareness of most things you eat and do in life. Having type 2 diabetes is definitely a life changing disease, but it needn’t be a life sentence, because it really does provide the opportunity for you to start living a healthy, fulfilling life. If you want to get on top of your type 2 diabetes naturally, there are natural ways to control and normalize your blood sugar levels that definitely work. To find out how this can help you to control your pre diabetes, or type 2 diabetes condition, go to Type2 Diabetes Control []

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