The Importance of the Diabetic Meal Plan in Controlling Complications of Diabetes

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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic illness that is basically abnormal blood sugar levels. Diabetes Mellitus comes in the form of Type 1 and Type 2. The complications of diabetes can be heart attack, kidney failure and even blindness.

Diabetes Type 2 at one time was thought to only occur after the age 40, but now we see young people with diabetes type 2 because of the poor eating habits and obesity.

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How is diabetes treated? Diet, Exercise and Medications

What type of exercise is effective? Any exercise will be effective such as walking, jogging, weight lifting, swimming or even snow skiing. It is always a good idea to select the exercise that you like and that you will stick with on a daily or every other day basis.

Medications can be in the form of insulin injections and oral medications as prescribed by your physician. Take your medications exactly as the physician has instructed you.

Diet has many elements such as weight reduction, reduction in fat and carbohydrate will be based on your blood sugar levels. Because you have diabetes you have to alter the way you eat. The diet for diabetes will improve your health and reduce the complications of diabetes, as well as lose weight.

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Balance your diet, medications and exercise in order to bring your blood glucose levels under control. Remember in many cases the Diabetic Meal Plan and exercise can control your diabetes.

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