Alerts in Early Symptoms of Diabetes

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Many times the early symptoms diabetes are taken for granted as normal occurrences in the cyclic functions of the body. They are seldom recognized for what they really are. Often appearing to be so subtle, that they are mistaken as other dysfunctional processes in the body. Mostly those affected do not see them as health concerns which need to be given attention.

A major development of changes in the body can be sited when there is thirst. Primarily it is conceived that it is okay to be thirsty especially if the day is hot and there are climatic changes. A hot day will definitely produce the need for fluids.

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The allusion often is that the body is generally replacing what has been lost due to heat evaporation. Also the thirst might be accompanied by excessive perspiration. This offers for the individual explanations as to why the thirst occurs accompanied by the desire for more fluids.

An alert however, is when this thirst is coupled with frequent bathroom visits in order to urinate. Subconsciously, the first reaction is that if there is increase in take there must be increase in out as well. In winter or on a cold day the body insulates and there is little or no perspiration.

It can then become a matter of concern if visits to the bathroom compete with the intake of fluid, especially, when other desires and intolerances are observed. This must be another alert even though drinking water and visits to the bathroom may be considered normal.

Yearnings can be so subtly that they mask other conditions such as aging, grief and generally emotional conditions such as depression. They are often manifested as hunger; sleepiness leading to lethargy; inclination to just rest; impulsiveness towards inactivity and inappropriate and non responses to stimuli due to insidious tiredness.

Remarkably there is a recognized sensitivity to sugar especially when it results in drowsiness. This subtly observation allows the body to avoid its intake. It can be a masked in believing that there is a taste bud condition due to a tongue burnt from heat or cold. This is false.

Conclusively, the real alert should be unexplained weight loss accompanying these early symptoms diabetes. Already they are insidious and can be easily mistaken as normal or for some other non threatening condition. Therefore one must always be consciously aware of any changes in the bodily functions.

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