Ten Top Simple Ways to Reverse Diabetes

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Some effects of diabetes are when you feel thirsty quite often and there is a frequent urge to urinate. Diabetic people feel bloated, tired, become slow and look aged. It is important to enslave the mind and body. You should practice Pranayam, Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati breathing exercises for five minutes every day as well a Bhastrika for two minutes. A slow breathing exercise helps to release daily stress and tension and accumulate vital energy. Once you learn these breathing Kriyas, you can increase your time, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes for Kapalbhati as this helps tremendously for this condition. Sit for meditation for five minutes each morning and the more you meditate, you can learn to extend the meditation time. This awakens the awareness and peace within. It also relaxes and calms the mind and body which then helps build confidence and circulate inner energy. Practice yoga postures six days a week to get great results.

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Diabetes is mostly detected late. If you become aware of it at an early stage, then you should consider yourself lucky because it is easier to control and reverse. If diabetes is already in your family, then be careful and alert and start to apply yoga and nature cure techniques as preventive measures.

Plan small meals and eat six times a day. Prepackaged food is not compatible for a diabetic body. Canned foods also contain sodium, fats and sugar. You may cook rice stew, which is cooked with different grains and is good for you. This will help in maintaining your diabetic level.

· Maintain your weight as per your height.

· Eat yogurt and drink buttermilk once a day with a pinch of black pepper.

· Prepare a special meal plan with proper recommended portions from the Diabetic Association’s diet chart.

· Try to avoid strenuous exercise and stick to long brisk walks to strengthen your body.

· Control your caffeine intake since it increases your blood sugar level. Stay away from alcohol and soda as they damage your health.

· Eat one medium cucumber pickle daily. This may help your diabetic numbers go down by 25%.

· Consume half a grapefruit or one orange daily. Fruits like guava, papaya, pomegranates and green apples are good for the diabetics.

· Soak one-quarter cup of yellow mustard seeds every three days in one cup of water for 24 hours Next day drink its water and let the soaked seeds sit in the cabinet for 12 hours to sprout. Refrigerate it and eat a tablespoon of it every day.

· Boil one tablespoon of ginger paste in three cups of water with 1 tablespoon of cumin powder. Drink one cup three times a day for one week. This helps cleanse the toxins of the body. If you cannot drink it then add only a few drops of honey because honey, if used little, helps in diabetes and heals kidney.

· 2 oz of grass juice is beneficial if consumed daily to treat and energize the body.

Important points to remember:

Go for frequent blood tests for sugar level. You may also check your blood sugar level yourself at home and make changes in your food to control the sugar.

Diabetic patients are more prone to infections. Brush your teeth after every meal you eat and scrape your tongue with a tongue cleaner which helps bacteria from going into your body.

The practice of yoga pose Shavasana (dead body posture) is essential. When you come home from work or a walk, lie down flat on the floor and go into Shavasana for five or ten minutes. This posture will relax the body physically and mentally. For diabetic people, it is important to avoid mental stress as much as possible and Shavasana is the easiest way to keep your mind relaxed. Swimming is also a beneficial and relaxing exercise. Brisk walks make the body perspire and this helps cleanse the pancreas.

Always eat light food with lots of fresh green salads, raw vegetables, and raw sprouts. Vegetables like spinach, zucchini, squash, gourd, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, celery and fresh green leaves are highly recommended. 70% of our food must be green vegetables, 20% beans or lintels and 10% carbohydrates.

Two tablespoons of Sprouts are also a source of protein and are best if eaten every day with breakfast.

Consume raw tomatoes every day.

Diabetes is though a strange disease, yet reversible. With yoga, meditation and breathing exercise, you can control your mind and body. Let us learn the top ten simple ways to reverse diabetes.

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