What Are Considered High Blood Sugar Levels?

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Most people go throughout their daily life and eat foods they enjoy along with carrying out normal daily functions. However if you begin feeling sluggish, constantly thirsty, and lose an excessive amount of weight even though you aren’t on a diet, then that may be a sign of a serious problem. In most cases it could an indicator of having diabetes and high blood sugar levels. The best way to find out if you are diabetic is to do a traditional test of pricking your finger with a needle called a lancet and with a drop of blood your blood sugar level reading can be determined with an electronic meter.

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For most people, their blood glucose level should range between 80-110 milligrams per deciliter. The issue of diabetes and high blood sugar levels come into play when the blood glucose level is over 200 milligrams per deciliter and higher. In the case of a Type 1 diabetic, their pancreas makes little to no insulin which means a lifetime of being insulin dependent. When the body doesn’t have enough insulin to burn off the food intake then the blood glucose level becomes high. Type 2 diabetics usually deal with a higher blood sugar due to weight increase at a later age in life and poor diet with limited exercise.

Early signs of potential diabetes and high blood sugar levels begin with a blood glucose level at 126 milligrams per deciliter. Most doctors will monitor you to work on lowering that to offset potential diabetic problems. In the case of Type 1 diabetics, most are diagnosed from childhood to early adult age. It’s the most difficult type to treat but with proper healthy eating and exercising it is manageable to live with. Type 2 diabetics usually can eliminate their risk by completely altering their life and can be rid of the disease with just changing their diet, taking mild insulin pills, and being more active. All of these factors can decrease the chance of elevating blood sugar levels and enjoying a productive life.

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