2 Super Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Level

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If you are here to read this article it means that you had a wake up call from your blood sugar levels. Probably your doctor has told you that diabetes onset has to happen sooner or latter as you have a genetic disposition of this kind of ailment.

The simplest solution mostly prescribed by the endocrinologists is that you must now grab the syringe of insulin in your hand and baby sit you sugar levels. However I have news that can simply turn your joy into ecstasy. The addition of these 3 super foods helps in lowering the blood sugar level and turns your readings to normal blood sugar range.

It is famous that most types of grains are healthier for diabetics. The oats come top in the list. A good idea is to visit the whole food market. There you could find many bins of different types of granola. One must read carefully the labels on the different bins and look carefully at their sugar content. Some whole food might contain as low as 3 or 4 gm of sugar at the same time there would be some mouth watering granolas with even 20 gm of sugars. Your inners levels of high blood sugar may tempt you to buy the one that has 20gm sugar. However it is good to control the urge and select the one that contains around 8 gm or even les than this.

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Superfoods to Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

Breakfast must be planned in a way that it lowers the level of blood sugar. It is good to give a nice rest to the blood sugar levels from doughnuts, pancakes, croissants, hot pockets, biscuits and other sugar laden foods. This good head start of the day will help you to achieve normal blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Here is a nice breakfast idea for you.

2 handfuls of granola with a half cup low fat yogurt and ½ cup low fat milk makes a nice breakfast. Now you can add different flavored granola in different days. This combination of breakfast is fully loaded with fiber and fortified with healthy fats.

The next super food is Sweet Potato.

It is difficult to believe but it is true that the word that the word sweet brings a lot of joy as well as health benefits. Such foods enable you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sweet potato is one such food that helps in bringing the blood sugar level down. It enables the body cells to better responds towards the hormone insulin. This better movement helps in facilitating the movement of sugar from the bloodstream in the cells. The beta carotene content of sweet potato brings the reversal of insulin resistance. Sweet potato also contains a good amount of vitamin B6. This vitamin content brings about the resistance towards heart related ailments.

Next in the list of super foods are nuts. Again never rely on the nuts that come in tin packaging as you don’t know the source of oil they use.

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