Kidney Failure Treatment Without Dialysis

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Kidney failure may set in due to several possible reasons including long term use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, illnesses, exposure to pesticides over a long period of time. Symptoms of kidney failure include vomiting, nausea, chronic back problems and blood or protein in urine. Patients can opt for costly options like transplant or dialysis or for kidney failure treatment without dialysis.

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Methods of kidney failure treatment without dialysis

Here are few ways of treating kidney failure without going for dialysis or transplant:

1. Include such food items in your diet that can be digested easily by the body. Such food items are beans, legume, yogurt, whole grains, watermelons, papaya, potatoes and seeds. Avoid foodstuff which puts stress on the kidneys for getting digested.

2. Certain herbs help in detoxification of kidneys and improve their health. Such herbs include juniper berries, abuta uva ursi, parsley, celery, dandelion, buchu and red clover. Before starting consumption of any one of above such herbs, do not forget consulting your doctor, especially if you are taking prescription drugs.

Around 700mg of Uva ursi or 2000 mg of abuta ought to be taken daily. Note that any one of these herbs would be sufficient as these two have similar effect. Dandelion root extract assists the kidneys during the excretion process. Hoelen is another herb which can prove to be helpful for kidney patients. Three to six grams of the dried herb will be good enough for preventing buildup of lesions in the kidney.

3. Cranberries: Urinary tract infections can be prevented by consuming cranberry juice. Drink three eight-oz glasses of cranberry juice to promote bladder health, acidify the urine and arrest development of bacteria. Pure, unsweetened cranberry juice ought to be chosen instead of cranberry juice cocktail as the latter contains high sugar levels.

4. Flaxseed: A lot has been said and written about how effectively flaxseed supports kidney functions. In fact, flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid, which provides ample amount of support to the kidneys. These two compounds are quite effective in preventing inflammation and clogging of arteries.

5. Marshmallow: Kidney patients should seriously consider drinking marshmallow for boosting kidney function. Drinking one quart of marshmallow daily is pretty effective in cleansing the kidneys. This practice can benefit patients of kidney stones as well. Its consumption ought to be stopped if diarrhea sets in or stomach gets upset. Individuals on medication and pregnant or nursing women should consult an expert physician before consuming marshmallow.

Kidney failure patients need to avoid certain food items. Such food items include those with high salt content. Oregano, basil or parsley can be used to substitute salt for seasoning the food. Salad dressings, canned foods, barbecue sauce, bacon and other food items having high salt content should be avoided.

As indicated by above lines, one can overcome kidney failure with certain easy remedies. Kidney failure treatment without dialysis is quite possible. All you need is some knowledge and plenty of expert advice.

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