Renal Failure And Renal Diet – Save Yourself!

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When it comes to your health and well being, it’s a good idea to see your doctor as often as possible to make sure you don’t run into preventable problems that you needn’t catch. The kidney’s are your body’s toxin filter (as is the liver), cleaning the blood of foreign substances and toxins that are released from things like preservatives in food and other toxins.

When you eat irresponsibly and fill your body with toxins, either from food, drinks (alcohol for example) or even from the air you breathe (free radicals are in the sun and transfer through your skin, through dirty air, and many foods contain them). Your body also tends to convert many things that seem benign until your body’s organs convert them into things like formaldehyde due to a chemical reaction and morphing phase.

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One example of this is most of those diet sugars used in diet sodas for example, Aspartame turns into Formaldehyde in the body. These toxins have to be removed or they can lead to disease, renal (kidney) failure, cancer, and various other painful problems.

What is renal or kidney failure? This is when your kidneys are not capable of ridding the body of the toxins and wastes in your blood from the foods you eat and the things you drink. This is also called “chronic kidney disease” or “chronic renal failure”.

This is not a condition that happens over night- it is a progressive problem and in that it can be both discovered early and treated, diet changed, and resolving what is causing the problem is possible. It’s possible to have partial renal failure but usually it takes a lot of time (or really bad diet for a short time) to reach total renal failure. You don’t want to reach total renal failure because this will require regular dialysis treatments to save your life.

Dialysis treatments specifically clean the blood of waste and toxins in the blood using a machine because your body can no longer do the job. Without treatments you could die a very painful death. Renal failure can be the result of long term diabetes, high blood pressure, irresponsible diet, and can stem out of other health concerns.

A renal diet is about moderating the intake of protein and phosphorus in your diet. Limiting your sodium intake is also important. By controlling these two factors you can control most of the toxins/waste created by your body and in turn this helps your kidney function. If you catch this early enough and really moderate your diet with extreme care, you could prevent total renal failure. If you catch this early you can eliminate the problem completely.

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