An Introduction To Nutrition and Chronic Kidney Disease

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Diet is an all important factor for people suffering from different chronic diseases. This also includes people with high blood pressure medically known as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, individuals planning to lose weight, individuals recovering from addictions such as smoking and those just in search of a better health with full of energy. In the same way, diet is an integral part of chronic kidney disease treatment plan.

Doctors may recommend specific changes to your diet overtime should your kidney disease gets worse. For this reason kidney disease patients will have a number of tests done to track of their overall health. Your doctor may even involve a dietitian to help with planning your meals in order to get the right foods in the right amounts.

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The recommendation to modify your diet is based on how much kidney function you have. Kidney function is tracked by what is known as glomerular filtration rate or GFR. This established through a simple blood test for creatinine. Creatinine is a chemical waste that is generated from muscle metabolism. It is a reliable method of testing renal function.

If creatinine levels rise in the blood its an indication of poor clearance by the kidneys. The creatinine test also takes into account a person’s age, sex and body size. Should your GFR continues to deteriorate, your doctor will adjust the amount of protein, calories and other nutrients in your diet to meet the changing needs.

When treating chronic kidney disease, doctors are interested in you getting enough calories. Enough calories form an important part of your overall health and well-being. Calories particularly supplies your body with energy, they help you stay healthy and a healthy weight and they assist your body use protein for building muscles and tissues. When your diet is modified to meet your health needs its possible to limit on protein as well as cutting down on important sources of calories. Consequently you need to get extra calories from other foods. There are simple sources of calories available such as carbohydrates like sugar, jam, jelly, hard candy and syrup. Tub margarine and oils such as canola and olive oil are also good sources which are low in saturated fat and have no cholesterol.

Your weight is also important if you have chronic kidney disease. Individuals suffering from chronic disease will need to gain weight or maintain their current weight.

Kidney disease may lead to hypertension related to kidneys. Learn more about renovascular hypertension []. Most people wonder why fast food is forbidden for people with chronic diseases such as kidney disease. Learn more about fast food nutrition facts [].

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