Cranberry Juice and Kidney Stones – Prevention Or Cure?

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We often read that cranberry juice can cure kidney stones. Cranberry juice and kidney stones have been associated with each other for generations. A study made by the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas revealed that levels of calcium and oxalate increased when cranberry juice was taken by the subjects. The results gave rise to the discovery of a rare kidney stone disease called brushite stones.

However, it disclosed that it can reduce uric acid levels and prevent urinary tract infection (UTI). but did not elaborate any course of action for people with tendencies to have kidney stones. These form when calcium and oxalate crystallize as they are supposed to be dissolved in the urine. Hence, cranberry juice may not be the right cure for kidney stones but can be used as a prevention to lower the uric acid level, based on the study.

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In a similar study at the University of Cape Town made by Prof. Allan Rodgers provided scientific evidence that cranberry juice is effective in the cure of kidney stones. The study claimed that calcium oxalate, citrate concentration and oxalate and phosphate were altered by the cranberry juice. Thereby concluding the effectiveness since they are part of the components that causes them.

The observations made by Prof. Rogers is contrary to the findings of the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center in Dallas. If we will carefully analyze the results of the two research materials, it will leave the decision to us whether to use cranberry juice or not, to cure kidney stones.

For all health aspects, it is best to promote a clean lifestyle to avoid having kidney stones, by :

1. Increasing the intake of fluids especially water. Minimize sodium and protein intake.

2. Reducing consumption of foods rich in potassium like soya flour, black treacle, apricots, bran wheat, tomato puree, sultanas, raisins and potato chips, to name a few.

3. Correcting dietary habits to avoid acidic or alkaline imbalances.

4. Avoiding dehydration during exercise.

Also, it is better to note the effects of some juices as a guide:

1. Cranberry/Apple Juice- Prevents urinary tract infections but contains oxalates which may increase calcium oxalate and uric acid stones.

2. Lemon juice- Drinking 8 glasses will increase citrate levels which might be a protection to calcium stones. However, oxalate levels are raised therefore not suggested.

3. Grapefruit Juice- There is increased risk in the formation of stones when drinking.

4. Soft drinks- Contains phosphoric acid which reduces citrate in the urine thereby increasing the risk for kidney stones.

5. Beer- High in oxalates and contains purines but some studies show that when taken in moderation will decrease the development of kidney stones.

6. Black current Juice- Can reduce acidity and a good protection for uric acid stones.

7. Coffee and Tea- Shows promising results in some research that can lower the possibility of having kidney stones.

Based on some research made on cranberry juice, they did find out that it has oxalates, a component in the formation of kidney stones. Henceforth, a medical practitioner is still in a better position whether cranberry juice can cure kidney stones coupled with your own judgment.

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