5 Healthy Foods That Support the Kidney

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“Kidney foods” are antioxidant rich foods that can benefit not only those who suffer from kidney disease, but also individuals who want to maintain healthy kidneys.  Eating these particular foods can help prevent inflammation and formation of kidney stones.  Below is a list of five kidney friendly foods that you can incorporate into your diet today.

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1.  Water

Although water is not technically a food, it is the single most important life sustaining substance that we all need to function.  And the kidneys definitely need water for support. In fact, water is the most important thing to maintaining the kidneys. Drinking 6-10 cups of filtered water a day can help your kidneys function in their optimal state.

2. Apples

Yeah, the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is cliche’, but it is a true cliche’ nonetheless.  Apples are packed full of nutrient goodness, high in fiber and compounds that prevent inflammation. Eating apples and drinking freshly juiced apples (not store bought apple juice) can help prevent kidney stones. 

3. Beans

So kidney beans actually helps support the kidneys?  Who would have known?!  Actually, any dark-colored bean can be a beneficial kidney food. Beans are high in fiber and very cleansing to the body.  Black beans in particular help to prevent kidney stone formation.

4.  Whole Grains

Whole grains are another fibrous food that can help cleanse the kidney.  Whole wheat, oats, whole grain corn and brown rice are all excellent sources of whole grains that you should incorporate into your diet daily.

5. Garlic

This strong, pungent herb has anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the kidney.  Garlic is particularly beneficial if you are suffering from a kidney infection, as it acts as a natural antibiotic.  In fact, garlic is one of nature’s best antibiotics as it contains a compound that is 15x stronger than penicillin. 

Your kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body, so why not treat them to good food? Include any of the above foods starting today for better kidney health.

If you have eaten the wrong foods and are experiencing a kidney infection, you may want to try a natural kidney cleanse. Even if you don’t have problems with your kidneys, doing a cleanse is an effective way to naturally detoxify your body .

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