Renal Diet – Prevent Kidney Failure

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Chronic renal failure or chronic kidney diseases is the condition in which a person loses kidney function. Kidney has the functionality to eliminate toxins from the body but if the kidney fails to work properly, the body will start retaining fluid and the fluid quantity in the blood stream will increase. In extreme case the body swells and the functioning of lung and heart is affected.

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Excess intake of water is flushed by kidney but kidney failure or renal failure can result in life threatening condition in which the fluid is not eliminated from the body. To prevent such a condition one should follow strict dietary guidelines and follow a renal diet to control the buildup of wastages in blood to reduce overload on kidney. Some of the guidelines included in renal diet are

1. Sodium should be eliminated from diet to prevent major damage and pressure on kidney. One should reduce intake of beef, cured meat products, bacon, sausages, cheese, pickle, Chinese dishes and soy in diet.

2. Canned food items such as vegetables, meat, shellfish and processed meat should not be taken.

3. Low sodium food includes unprocessed meat and fish. The frozen or processed fruits and vegetables should not be taken.

4. Homemade soup should be taken. Preservatives used in cakes, biscuits or cheese have a high amount of sodium and it should not be taken. Most of the products which are made from baking powder contain sodium and to reduce intake of sodium, reduce intake of baked dishes.

5. Salt free food items and butters should be included in food.

6. People who suffer from kidney problem and take a good amount of fluid may suffer from swelling, breathlessness, high blood pressure and excess fluid can further deteriorate the condition of kidney. One should reduce intake of soda, coffee, tea, milk, coups and ice creams.

In extreme case the patient may suffer from renal failure and he/she may have to go on dialysis. Even on dialysis it is advised to take restricted diet to prevent further damage to kidney. The following rules should be followed in case the patient goes on dialysis.

1. One should reduce intake of fluid and reduce intake of high salt diet. Salt products, potassium, certain electrolytes, phosphorus should not be taken in food and reduce the number of calorie intake to reduce weight.

2. Patients who are on dialysis may need more proteins as compared to patient who are not on dialysis. On dialysis the patient does not urinate or urinates very little.

3. The patient is asked to take a good amount of fruits and vegetables but most of the fruits or vegetables should have a low amount of potassium. Low potassium food items such as black berries, plums, grapes, asparagus, beans, cucumber and summer squash should be included in diet. The juices such as lemonade or apple juice can be taken but it should be taken in restricted quantities.

4. Phosphorus is found in food products such as nuts, dates, organ meat, dairy products, whole grains, coconuts, raisin and it should be avoided if a patient is on dialysis.

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