What Is a Diabetic Renal Diet?

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For diabetics who also suffer from kidney disease, there is a food plan known as the diabetic renal diet. More than half of the sufferers of chronic kidney disease are people who are also diabetics, indicating the necessity for diabetics to follow the diabetic renal diet. In a number of cases, this diet is prepared for people who are already suffering renal failure and are at different stages of the disease. There are also cases in which the diet is created for those diabetics hoping to avoid getting renal disease. Sufferers of diabetes and kidney problems usually have trouble eating the right food.

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The main purpose of a diabetic meal plan is to have the blood glucose levels consistently within the safe range. This can be done just by having meals regularly every day, not missing any of the meals, and eating carbohydrate foods which are low glycemic. Consuming the same quantity of such carbohydrates at every meal can assist the body to have a constant level of blood glucose without it getting too high nor too low, and becoming uncontrollable. Low glycemic foods can be whole grain breads, sweet potatoes and brown rice. However, if it is a renal diet for diabetics, whole grain breads and sweet potatoes ought not to be used because they are rich in potassium.

For people with kidney problems, they should eat less of those foods rich in phosphorus, potassium and sodium. A blood glucose lowering diet for the diabetics can also be a diet suitable for renal problems. Since sodium is common in many foods, patients need to look at labels and choose foods which are low in sodium. Dietitians for kidney problems advice against the consumption of diet sodas of the dark-colored variety and coffee since such drinks contain too much sodium for diabetics with renal problems to take regularly.

On a diabetic, renal meal plan, unsweetened teas, water and clear diet sodas are allowed. When it comes to vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, eggplant and cabbage are usually recommended due to their rich vitamin content and low carbohydrate and potassium content. Meats which are rich in sodium, such as organ meats, sausage and bacon ought not to be taken.

Since canned vegetables contain lots of sodium, it is really necessary to choose raw vegetable and avoid canned vegetables in a diabetic renal diet. Furthermore, raw vegetables are more nutritious with their greater amount of vitamins. It is recommended that diabetics with renal problems learn from certified nutritionists the foods they ought to eat and those they should avoid. Such a nutritionist can also provide knowledge on portion sizes which is important as it helps in blood glucose control.

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