How Important is Vitamin E and C in Regulating Diabetes

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There are upwards of 10,000 new cases annually of diabetes in the United States alone and the number is astronomically larger in the rest of the world. This condition, where the body fails to produce enough insulin, the chemical that regulates glucose, afflicts millions of people. Although it is now treatable, hundreds of thousands succumb to it annually. Billions of dollars have been pumped into diabetes research and despite the fact that there is no definite cure, there has been impressive progress in its treatment. While medicine affords a way for diabetics to live a normal life, millions of sufferers have also taken to vitamins to control its effects. Two of these vitamins are E and C. But exactly how effective are they?

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Vitamin power

Medical research has gravitated towards the following vitamins as a way of regulating the effects of diabetes; B complex, B1, Pyrodoxine, C, E and B6. Recently, medical researchers have zeroed in on Vitamin C and E.

Examining Vitamin C

This vitamin has edged its way to the forefront of the battle against diabetes. Diabetics find themselves deficient of this helpful compound primary due to stress. Recent research has unearthed the fact that diabetics experience an increase in natural increase in insulin production with each subsequent increase in Vitamin C.

Foods with Vitamin C

Now that we have identified Vitamin C as a major weapon against diabetes, which foods can this vitamin be derived from? Veggies, citrus family of fruits and sprouted bengal are all rich in Vitamin C. This is also good news to people who do not have diabetes. Eating these fruits and vegetables can strengthen the immune system and ensure a steady production of insulin which can prevent any diabetes.

Vitamin E expert information

This is another potent vitamin in the fight against diabetes. People with diabetes experience damage to their arteries. One of the vitamins that has been very effective against this is Vitamin E. This is because, like Vitamin C, this compound is used by the pancreas to boost insulin production. That is why patients suffering from diabetes are required to take at between 100-1500 IU of this vitamin daily.

The foods that are rich in Vitamin E include cereal, bread, vegetables, diary products and sunflower seeds. Others include vegetable oils, soy beans, lettuce and whole grains.

We see from the above information that a lot rests on the proper diet. That is why in the fight against diabetes, there is no substitute for eating right.

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