How You Can Control Diabetes With Yoga

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The pancreas produces two hormones insulin and glucagon, which help the body balance blood sugars levels.

The healthy function of the pancreas is important to a person’s ability to process sugars and starches, a poor functioning pancreas can lead to diabetes.


A person with diabetes has an inability to process blood glucose because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin.

Certain Yoga poses have recently been recognized to help the function of the internal organs and specifically the pancreas.

Regular practice of yoga can benefit those who suffer from diabetes. Yoga helps reduce the stress hormones secreted in the blood which can help reduce the body’s production of glucogon and therefore improve the bodies insulin production.

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2 yoga poses:

The ushtrasana or camel pose, and the dhanurasana or bow pose, have specifically been found to help the function of the pancreas and benefit people with diabetes. However, theses two poses may be challenging at first.

Easier Poses

The following yoga exercise is also beneficial to the function of the pancreas and is better for a beginner than previously mentioned poses.

Lie on your stomach with your arms up over your head, palms facing each other. Your legs should be straight and comfortably apart. Slowly raise your legs and arms so that your weight is shifted to resting only on your abdomen.

Hold this position for as long as you comfortably can. Ideally, you will be able to hold this pose for forty seconds.

After you have held the position bring your arms and legs down to the resting or beginning position. It is beneficial to repeat this exercise five times.

This and other yoga exercises massages the digestive system and help the function of the pancreas and other internal organs.

To conclude

Yoga practiced regularly can reduce stress the side effects of which can be diabetes.

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