Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

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This is a major question to ask for all of us. Although vitamin D deficiency is very common, people take it lightly. It is important to be aware of the fact that deficiency in vitamin D often leads to weak bones, called osteoporosis. You can naturally receive vitamin D for your body, through sun exposure. Sun light is not only essential for strong bones, but it also helps the body to use calcium from the various diets that are rich in the same. There are various causes of vitamin D deficiency which are as follows:

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1) Improper consumption of recommended levels of vitamins:

Vitamin D deficiency can take place if there is insufficient intake of food like fruits, vegetables and dairy products. These are all rich sources of vitamin.

2) Certain diseases that affect the intestinal functions of the body:

Although people may consume a lot of food consisting of vitamins, yet you are likely to experience vitamin D deficiency. This can happen with people who are suffering from certain disease like crohn’s disease and colitis, which is responsible for damaging the lining of the digestive tract. This leads to improper absorption of many crucial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D.

3) Limited exposure towards sunlight:

People who are house bound or bed ridden are likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Also, people who often use sunscreen products, become victims of vitamin D deficiency. Sunscreen products prevent sunlight from penetrating the skin. People who wear long robes or cover their heads due to religious reasons and people who have an occupation that prevents them from being exposed in the sun, may suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

4) Dark skinned people:

People with dark skin, are likely to suffer from vitamin D. This is because dark skin contains excess melanin which reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D through exposure to sunlight.

5) Obese people:

Overweight people can suffer from vitamin D deficiency because their body will have difficulties in absorbing nutrients. People, who have a body mass index of 30 or more, have low levels of vitamin D.

Now that you know, what causes vitamin D deficiency, I want you to act upon it so that you can prevent illnesses, have strong bones and remain healthy.

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