Need Help Reversing Diabetes?

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There are very few doctors who would agree with me if I said that reversing diabetes is possible. Well at least for most type 2 diabetics, that is. Most people believe that once a person has diabetes, they will be a diabetic the rest of their life.

While there is some truth to that, it is not entirely true. Yes, you still can be prone to diabetic symptoms and complications. But, you totally can avoid any and all issues related to diabetes with some simple lifestyle changes.

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You can make changes to reduce your chances of getting diabetes and reverse its ill effects it can cause on your body. If you don’t change any of your bad habits that lead you to become diabetic (bad eating habits, not exercising, and being overweight) then once your body hits the point where it stops making insulin, reversing diabetes is going to be difficult.

The real key here is taking immediate action once you find out that you are at risk for getting diabetes or once you have been diagnosed with it. This is when you can truly reverse diabetes.

If you sit around for the next few years thinking it will go away on its own or you’ll just take some medication to control it you are fooling yourself. Not doing anything is the worst thing you could possibly do.

Your laziness and ignorance will eventually lead to declining health and eventually an early death.

Even if you have had Type 2 diabetes for the past decade, you still can make changes today to reverse diabetes and the complications that come along with it.

Thinking about the main causes of diabetes, including a sedentary lifestyle, eating a diet mainly of processed junk food and loads of carbs, the body may not stand a chance in fighting off diabetes if that path is continued. However, a change in the way you live can affect your chances of ever being diagnosed with diabetes or reverse diabetes.

Your Chance to Reverse Diabetes

Reversing diabetes should ideally start early on. If you don’t currently have diabetes but have the following risk factors you need to start making necessary changes in your life:

  • Overweight/obese (BMI >25)
  • Sedentary lifestyle (aka your couch has your body imprint in it)
  • Genetic predisposed (parents or grandparents have diabetes)
  • Junk diet (high in refined, processed foods, high in carbohydrates)
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • High Cholesterol and triglycerides
  • High stress levels

Taking steps before the disease becomes apparent is one method of reversing diabetes that many people fail to recognize.

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, it isn’t too late to start making positive changes in your lifestyle habits to reduce or reverse diabetic complications.

Here are some steps you can take whether you are at risk for diabetes or already have it:

  • Lose weight – your weight loss goal should be your ideal body weight (depending on your body type)
  • Exercise – three to five days a week for a minimum of 15-20 minutes (weight training, walking, swimming, yoga)
  • Cut the carbs – eliminate all processed and refined carbs (table sugar, juices, desserts, candies, white pasta, white bread, anything in a box or “ready-to-eat” meals)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking
  • Eliminate the stress – therapy, exercising, find a hobby, etc.

In addition to reversing diabetes, the lifestyle changes can be beneficial for your overall health as well. Exercising and eating a diet low in carbohydrates will not only help you lose weight, but will also increase your good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol in your body, increase your energy and stamina levels, decrease your risk of heart disease and cancer, along with a dozen other benefits.

When a person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and is considering altering their lifestyle, habits and medications to help them reverse diabetes, they should always do so under their physician’s care. The effects of diabetes can be debilitating, painful and life-threatening but this all can be prevented and more than often reversed if you take the necessary steps I outline for you.

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Daniel Solomon is a registered dietitian and expert in diabetes nutrition and diabetes management and prevention [] who has help thousands of diabetics lose weight, gain control of their blood sugar and the life.

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