What Kind of Fruits Can a Diabetic Eat

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The diagnosis of diabetes leaves a person to a never ending dilemma of what to eat and what not to eat. It is generally said that fruits are excellent for diabetics. They aid the general wellness of diabetics. But still there are certain steps that can be taken to make sure that even the fruits may not raise the blood glucose level of diabetics. If you are interested in those simplest measures to control the blood sugar level with the help of fruits read further to find that.

This simplest way will help the diabetic determine whether the fruit which a diabetic is going to eat is good, neutral or bad for their diabetes.

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The bad diabetic fruits include the one that have a higher glycemic index. This includes those fruits which are high in their sugar content and saturated fats. The sugar can be in any form from milk sugar to fruit sugar. How do we evaluate this? This is the major concern of diabetics today. What kind of fruits a diabetic can eat?

Fruits recommended for diabetics are those fruits that have a good source of nutritional fiber and their sugar content is not high. Just take these criteria and apply it to various fruit,.The fruit which comes into the mind is avocado. But be careful as this fruit is rich in calories. If we take an avocado, you have to adjust your remaining calories for the day accordingly.

Apples, currants and mangoes are equally good source of fiber and their sugar index ranges from low to medium high. A diabetic do not need to be afraid of eating bananas, apples and orange, all he has to do is to lower the blood sugar level by taking these fiber rich food and increasing the physical activity.

In order to lower down the blood sugar level the diabetics should not only restrict themselves to fruits but they can equally take dark green leafy vegetables. These vegetables are loaded with necessary nutritional elements that help to regulate the blood sugar level in the similar manner as a medicine could do for diabetics.

The aim of the diabetic should not only be to lower down the blood sugar level but to maintain the overall health. This can be done by taking the reasonable amount of fruits daily in the diet. It is also recommended that diabetics should increase their physical activity to maintain a proper height to weight ratio.

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