How To Reduce The Impact Of Diabetes On Your Health

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Are you worried that you might develop a complication because of your diabetes? You can prevent this from happening by learning to manage your diabetes efficiently. Keep reading if you want to learn more about diabetes management strategies.

You can greatly reduce your risks of developing a complication by learning to keep your blood sugar level under control. Check your sugar levels as often as you can. Ideally, you should check your sugar level every couple of hours. Take action right away if you need to lower or boost your sugar level. Try keeping your sugar level above 70 milligrams per deciliter before a meal and 140 after a meal.

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If you are overweight, reaching a healthy weight will make your blood sugar level a lot easier to control. Your sugar level will not spike as often once you reduce your body fat. You should develop your own fitness program and try losing one or two pounds a week. You do not have to work out intensely to get in shape. Take all the time you need to reach a healthy weight and look for activities you really enjoy.

Eat healthy foods. Avoid foods and beverages that could make your blood sugar spike such as sodas, fast food, fried food, salty snacks and sweets. Always look at the label of a food or a beverage to determine how much fat or sugar it contains. Try eating more home-cooked meals so you can control the ingredients used. Drink some water instead of sugary beverages, including fruit juices.

Add foods rich in fiber and whole grains to your diet. You can find fibers in raspberries, pears, apples, bran flakes, oatmeal, peas and beans. If you need to add more whole grains to your diet, replace white bread with whole wheat bread. You could also cook your favorite pasta dish with some whole wheat pasta or with some brown rice. These foods will give you plenty of energy without causing your blood sugar level to spike.

You need to be active after having a meal. Find a fun activity that allows you to get some exercise. Going for a thirty minutes long walk is a great way to burn some calories and keep your blood sugar from spiking. You could also do a few simple exercises at home. Being active will help you digest your food and regulate your blood sugar but you should still check your sugar level before exercising.

Adopt a regular schedule. Your blood sugar will be less likely to spike once you get used to a routine. Have your meals at the same time everyday. If you always feel hungry in between meals or cannot control your blood sugar level after a large meal, it is best to have five or even six small meals at fixed hours. Try exercising and going to bed at a fixed hour too.

You should use these tips to manage your diabetes. Meet with your doctor if you feel overwhelmed by your condition.


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