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Weight Loss and Blood Pressure Problems

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Whenever I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, I began to wonder if taking those pills on a daily basis for the rest of my life was going to be something that I wanted to do or not. As it turns out, my blood pressure was just slightly elevated so my doctor told me that I could reduce my blood pressure naturally by losing a little bit of weight. I had noticed that I had gained weight in recent years and I knew that it could impact my health, but I did not know that it could have quite that much of an impact on my blood pressure.

The first thing that I did in order to lose weight was to go on the dash diet, a popular diet for individuals that are suffering from hypertension. The principles behind the dash diet were relatively easy to follow but unfortunately, it was just too radical of a change for me and I was unable to maintain it for the long term. I did notice some weight loss initially and my blood pressure numbers began to drop along with it but as soon as I gained that weight back, my blood pressure went right back up again.

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I tried a number of different diets for weight loss, many of which failed miserably and others that only produced temporary results. It wasn’t until I decided just to eat a healthy diet that I’ve noticed significant changes in my blood pressure and weight loss. Instead of trying to radically change my diet into something that it already wasn’t, I just added things into my diet on a daily basis, such as raw fruits and vegetables. This made the change gradual and made it much more easy for me to maintain for the long term.

Now, my blood pressure is not only manageable the numbers are actually normal. I have maintained my current weight for a couple of years and I even added some exercise into the mix in order to make sure that I was as healthy as possible. Although I know that I will always be prone to having high blood pressure and I check it regularly, for now, losing the weight was able to do the trick for me. If you find that you are suffering from high blood pressure, try eating healthy and see what it can do for you.

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