Reversing Kidney Failure Naturally

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Kidney failure is a condition where the kidneys’ functions are reduced or even completely stopped. There are different types of kidney failure. Chronic kidney failure, takes place over a long period of time and affects the body very slowly. Acute failure can be a real threat to the body within days of showing symptoms unlike Chronic failure, it can be extremely dangerous very quickly.

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The kidneys are used to help the body excrete waste and provide urinary flow by doing so. Swelling, seizures, high blood pressure, nausea and decrease in urine output can be signs of kidney failure. Diabetes, gout, obesity, and diets high in purine foods are many of the risk factors of failure. However, this condition can be reversed if treated correctly, responsibly and responsibly. There are a handful of contributing factors to remember. Some of these factors are inevitable but much of what causes failure can be reversed with a low carb, high fat and healthy diet.

If you are suffering from a kidney failure there are many things to do and not do. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can strain the kidneys because the drinks make the kidneys have to work extra hard. Beer is full of purine contents and can be extremely harmful to the body. Don’t smoke cigarettes if you are in danger of kidney failure. Smoking can be a big factor that contributes to high blood pressure. Reduce the amount of food you eat that contains high purine. Large amounts of sugars should be avoided as well, in fact avoid most sugar altogether.

Things to take into consideration in reference to nutrition, Bromelain, which can be found in pineapples reduces inflammation. Vitamin E and fish oil also reduce inflammation. Vitamin B6 and B12 are especially helpful, they both lower the levels of uric acid in the body. Amino acids aid by increasing the excretion of uric acid through the kidneys. Drink enough water to keep you always hydrated as dehydration can also be a contributor. Water aids the kidneys in flushing out toxins bad for the body and waste products. Lots of water can also help in preventing kidney stones.

Diabetes, is a huge problem when it comes to kidney failure. Diabetes is the number one cause for CKD and kidney failure. High amounts of sugar can contribute largely to both CKD and diabetes.

High blood pressure affects both the heart and the kidneys. Hypertension is the second leading cause of CKD. Exercise is the best way of reducing high blood pressure, as well as reducing the amount of sodium and caffeine taken in. There are also many natural herbs for hypertension, lime flowers and magnesium can be used as remedies. Exercising for about thirty minutes a day and eating with a healthy diet are a great way to reduce hypertension.

Kidney failure can develop rapidly, within days of noticing symptoms. Keeping the body perfectly healthy and avoiding anything that contributes toxins or hurts the body, are the best ways to prevent and reverse kidney failure.

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