How a Diabetic Should Plan His or Her Meal For Healthy Living

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The food requirements of every person are dependent on their health & medical condition. A diabetic has very different requirements as compared to any other disease. In order to keep up their health and maintain the right blood sugar levels one must be very careful while drafting their diabetic meal planner. The cure of this disease lies in its control. Remember it’s a chronic disease that might cause a heart attack or a stroke as well. So one needs to be utmost careful while planning their diet when they have diabetes.

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Here are some tips that would help you plan meal for a diabetic patient:

· Remember these patients must avoid sugar & oil in all the forms. They should also avoid rice, processed food, junk food, spices, excess salt, etc.

· You should enhance the amount of fibers and healthy fatty acids in their body.

· The focus should be levied on fruits & vegetables. While cooking a meal of the diabetic try using all fresh & organic fruits & vegetables.

· Having a high metabolic rate helps in several ways. So you must take several short meals and no major ones.

· You may keep a bag full of nuts with you and have it when ever you feel hungry.

· Have your meals on time and never ever skip them. If you remain hungry, your blood glucose level gets an unhealthy boost.

Diabetic Meal Planner Key Ingredients

There are 6 main food groups that are included in the list. These are as follows:

· Milk
· Vegetables
· Meat
· Fats
· Breads
· Fruits

The guidelines for Diabetic Meal Planner

The daily chart of calories ideally should include the following:

· Carbohydrates – 45 – 65%
· Proteins – 15 – 20%
· Fats – 20 – 35%

The golden tip for planning the diabetic meal is consulting the doctor. Usually the doctors put you through a dietician who guides you on the ideal diet for a diabetic. This also helps in curing & controlling the disease effectively.

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