Diabetes Symptoms and Diabetic Diet Plan For Lowering Blood Sugar in Diabetes

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Diabetes is the common name for diabetes mellitus and is the result of defective blood sugar control in the body. Many other disease symptoms manifest themselves with the onset of either type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or pregnancy diabetes referred as gestational diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is more or less hereditary and is sometimes referred as childhood diabetes. Currently there is no suitable cure and daily insulin injections are administered to control the blood sugar. The insulin is not produced by beta cells in islets of langerhans located in the pancreas.Some pancreas and beta cells transplants have been performed and the results are promising although the procedure needs refining due to transplants being rejected by immune system.

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Type 2 diabetes is developed later in life more so at adulthood although it is now being seen in children. This caused by the body not responding to insulin produced or the beta cells not producing enough. The regulation of blood sugar is by two procedures which compensate each other. The release of insulin which is a metabolic hormone to lower the the blood sugar is the most important. The other is release of catalyst hormones which elevate the blood sugar. These two antagonistic metabolic hormones control the blood sugar level and malfunction of either triggers type 2 diabetes. The development of type 2 diabetes has been proved to relate to ones lifestyle.Obesity is one of the main culprits although unhealthy diet,smoking and other contribute.Exercise and healthy diet go a long way in controlling this condition but many obese individuals prefer to under go gastric bypass surgery. In this procedure,normal blood sugar has been achieved in most cases.

Gestational diabetes is experienced during pregnancy in women who had no previous history of diabetes.It is usually cured after the pregnancy although accepted diabetes care is most recommended.

Symptoms of diabetes
General symptoms of diabetes include weight loss,tiredness,blurred vision,hunger attacks,abnormal thirst,habitual urine discharge and tingling of the feet.

Specific symptoms of type 2 diabetes include,blurred vision,habitual urination,unexplainable hunger attacks,tiredness and excessive thirst.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms include,Vomiting,wasting of the body,tiredness,excessive thirst and habitual urinating.

Diabetic diet plan
The food we eat directly affect our health an all ways.This include the physical body and the mental well being. A balanced and healthy diet control the amount of blood sugar in the body thus alleviating diabetes symptoms. This prevents onset of other related diseases the most serious being cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Blood sugar is glucose derived from the carbohydrates we eat. Some of these carbohydrates are broken down into glucose faster than others. With the ones getting broken into glucose fast, there is corresponding fast injection of sugar(glucose) into the bloodstream. The bad carbohydrates or the type which gets broken down into glucose fast include white bread, polished rice and most of refined foods. Good carbohydrates which get broken down slowly include brown rice, brown bread and foods with high fibre content. We use glycaemic index to rate the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose.
Foods with high glycaemic index value are bad for not only diabetics but to any one who is aiming for a healthy diet. Eating foods with low glycaemic index will stabilize the blood sugar and because of the fibre content, will make you feel full. This is an added benefit of weight management.

Above is a general overview of the three types of diabetes and accepted methods of managing this affliction. For more detailed information on how to manage diabetes check the two sites below.
You can read an in depth review on why there is a type 2 diabetes epidemic all over the world HERE
Type 2 diabetes goes hand in hand with obesity. You don’t have to wait until you get into situation where you have to under go gastric bypass surgery. Learn how to achieve an ideal weight and maintain it AT THIS SITE

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