The Top 3 Fruits for Diabetics

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One of the most common misconceptions about diabetes is that eating fruits should be avoided. Fruits, as we all know are very nutritious. They also have natural healing properties and to take them completely away from the diabetic diet means depriving the patients of the benefits that they can get from them. In fact, it is better for them to eat fruits instead of going for foods that are rich in cholesterol and fats.

Just like a normal person, those who have diabetes can also eat fruits; the only difference though is that small portions are recommended. They cannot eat in big servings because that will jeopardize their health. The recommended fruits for diabetics are those that are rich in fiber. It is also highly recommended that instead of extracting the juice, the whole fruit should be taken instead, as fruit juices have less fiber content. Moreover, they contain lots of sugar because you will have to squeeze several fruits before you can fill up a glass.

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Each fruit that you can buy in the market has its own benefit. The fruits that are not too advisable for diabetics are grapes, chikoo, bananas, custard apple and mango. They have high sugar content.

Below are the 3 most advisable fruits that a person with diabetes can eat:

Apple is recommended for everyone, kids and adults alike. It is also good for diabetics. It has high pectin content, which serves as body detoxifier; that’s why it can benefit diabetic patients. The harmful waste from your blood stream will be reduced and your body’s need for the supply of insulin will be decreased to 35%. When you have diabetes, you’re at risk of brain damage. Apples have Vitamin B1 which can prevent it.

Grapefruit does not only have a refreshing flavor. It also helps in fighting diabetes. Including it in your diet for 3 months can make your blood sugar level decrease. This fruit is not only good for diabetes patients. It is also highly advisable for people who have high blood pressure. There are 3 types of grapefruit; the red, the white and the pink. Both the red and pink grapefruits have the highest content of lycopene compared to other citrus fruits. They can help in fighting cancer and they are also good antioxidants as well.

Rose Apple or Jambul promotes healthy pancreas. It is very competent in controlling blood sugar levels as it prevents starch to change into bad sugar. Aside from the fruit itself, the seed can be powdered and can be taken orally when mixed with water. If you are suffering from excessive urination, this fruit can help you improve your condition.

You might be surprised to know that the bark of the jambul is also used to treat diabetes. It is dried out and burned until it turns into a white ash. Ayurvedic doctors would usually give 2 grams of this ash to their diabetes patients an hour before they take meals; once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Aside from these 3 leading fruits, other fruits that will be safe for diabetics to take are guavas, strawberries, berries, oranges, peaches and watermelons.

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