Easy Way to Reverse Diabetes

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You don’t have to suffer with diabetes, a silent but deadly killer. Diabetes means your body has lost the ability to produce or properly use the hormone insulin. Insulin is required to remove sugar from the blood. Diabetes is also known as High Blood Sugar.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 usually occurs in children and is genetic. Type 2 occurs mostly in adults and is sometimes called “Adult Onset” diabetes. Type 2 is thought to occur due to weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, and poor food choices.

Most diabetics have to inject themselves daily with insulin. If you have diabetes, you can reverse some of the symptoms by following some dietary and lifestyle guidelines.

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First, diabetes affects the kidneys. Adopt a diet low in animal protein to protect the kidneys from the affects of uric acid, found mostly in meat, eggs, coffee and tea. Replace those items in your diet with foods low in uric acid.

Next, add high fiber foods to your diet. Foods like beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains feed your body with natural vitamins and minerals and allow your body to heal itself.

Get enough vitamins. Most people don’t get enough vitamins from the food they eat so make sure you take a high-quality multi-vitamin daily. Giving your body the vitamins it need aids its ability to heal itself.

Reversing diabetes requires you to get up and move! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Take the stairs, park a few spaces away from the entrance to the store and walk. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week to keep diabetes at bay.

Lastly, opt for low-sugar food choices. Eat a banana with peanut butter instead of a cookie. Your choices add up.

Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence. With education and new choices, you can reverse diabetes.

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