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14 Weight Loss Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

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To loss weight actively is considered to be a hard time unless if you are getting use to the gym life then only a minimal push through is needed for compliance in the program. But if you’re not, or never been to a workout plans in your whole life then you better get some compelling reasons to do so here. Going to the gym for the right ground is not forceful but it’s a graceful move of saying “Yes, I still want to live healthy”, or “Yes, I want to feel great about myself”, in spite of diabetes. Once you got an illness that you have to go through in a lifetime, it requires an invisible drug called “self-accountability”. Self-accountability means you own the responsibility of taking good care of yourself for the sake of many noble reasons. What is good about this is, simply, you are in control of what is going on with your time and can deliberately choose where efforts will be spent. In the most part, you can easily distinguish if you are exactly doing the important things that help you progress and does it gives you fulfillment? Are you happy at the end of the day?

Weight loss Fitness for Type 2 Diabetes
Weight loss for type 2 diabetes is like a goldmine idea but thinking about the efforts of going towards the ultimate goal of weight loss makes you slouch your back. Asking yourself, “Can I do it? Really.”, “Am I going to look funny in the gym?”. If all these speculations are right, then of course, you can do it. Being confuse about doing it or not is an opportunity. Making a choice of enrolling yourself is already a half chance of losing weight and making a baby steps of pulling and pushing yourself to the gym or in a workout area in your community is already a bit by bit of accomplishment. Make a choice first before asking your partner about your workout plans. Might as well, he/she will join you in your journey, and that would be fun. Carrying yourself to walk in the park each morning or jog for a while in the street doesn’t just happen without a choice, and so make your choice to be fit now.

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On the other hand, wherein a thought of exercise will just keep you jolting yourself with indecision, take note of what will happen to you along the way with diabetes. Have it come across your mind when your doctor just confirmed to you that you have Diabetes type 2. Right on that moment, the reality is just about to be unfold to you. If you think that it is just a joke, then it is not. Bear in mind to take life seriously although there might be sometimes wherein you make mistakes in the past but diabetes type 2 can put you down if you let it. However, the good news is, you have all the right thoughts to condition your mind so that your disease will not defeat you. The matter of fact is, you and only you can save yourself to prevail from your illness. Diabetes type 2 is like a partner that will guide you to execute your exercise plan in your program and get fit because it is necessary.

The 14 tips for a type 2 Diabetes to stick with exercise and lose weight:

  1. Ask your doctor to make an evaluation prior to enrolling to an exercise program. He might need to check your laboratory results before advising you.
  2. Take the baby steps first. It all starts with preparing your shoes, bag, diabetic kits (e.g gluco-meter),sugar-free candy, jelly beans, and diabetic snacks a night before going to exercise in the morning. Be sure to check your sugar before going for exercise and never skip meals and insulin doses.
  3. Check your blood sugar 30 minutes before exercise and 30 minutes after exercise. Beware of the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia like tingling sensation, weakness and confusion. If this will occur, stop the exercise and take some snacks.
  4. Do not start the exercise if your blood glucose is equal and above 250mg/dL or equal or below 100mg/dL. Eat first before commencing your exercise at the baseline of 100mg/dL while have yourself a check up if it is above 250mg/dL beyond 2 hours after eating your meals.
  5. Set the bar low. You have to begin with a warm up to moderate exercise then to the extreme level as tolerated. You can hit the streets for a walk or go to the gym 2 to 3 times per week for the first month and then you can eventually set your own standard higher.
  6. Bring a partner, if possible. There are times wherein you have to walk alone without someone with you but if there might chances that a friend can join you, so why not? That would be enjoyable. A friend can also cause you to go for exercise because he/she is simply waiting for you there. It’s so easy to absent but with a friend, you need to catch up on him. Working out with a friend will also make you to stay in the gym in a longer period.
  7. Talk less do more. Stay focus with your exercise to wholly move your body and absorb energy in every step in your workout program. Inform people about your accomplishment only when they ask about it.
  8. Track your workout achievements. You can write something about your exercise achievement in your journal or you may use an app to check how many steps you made while walking or running and how many calories you have burned.
  9. Make your workout moments fun. Enjoy your body as it does something for you to get you a good shape. Entertain yourself by looking forward to the rewards that you will get from your workout. Imagine, walking, running, weight lifting for a few minutes will burn your fats out and will use your excess calories. Just make sure that you won’t burn out your body.
  10. Stack a playlist song. Music is life and it will fire you up when the beat is just right for you. Sometimes, listening about your favorite audio books during exercise will make you absorb information that you need and gives you more strength to finish your exercise period.
  11. Set a small sustainable and achievable goal. It’s like aiming for 3 kilograms deduction from your present weight after a month or two. Be careful when conducting an extreme workout. Take into account that a small goal achievement matters especially when you accomplish it. It will boost your confidence to the next level.
  12. Make an agreement with your love ones. You can involve your kids, husband/wife, partner and brothers in this arena. In some point, they can help you maintain the workout by their supports. There might be times wherein you need their help to take over some responsibilities so you can work out.
  13. Plan your workout schedules. If you want to exercise 3 to 4 times a week then start organizing and plotting it through your calendar, or planner. This method will help you visualize a long-term goal and complete them. Picturing your success in your mind will keep you up, carry on and get use to your routine exercise schedules.
  14. Reward yourself. Hang-out with your friends or buy a new pants or shirt. You may also eat an indicated amount of your favorite food, but not too much. Or else, you know what will happen when you celebrate too much.

Don’t forget to wear the right shoes during exercise!…

For more Diabetic tips you can check out []. I hope this will help you. Take care!

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