Causes of High Blood Sugar Levels Other Than Diabetes

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Tell me something, what is the general idea that we hold when we come to know that our blood glucose levels are high? Of course, our mind runs in a single track and we can’t help but think that we are either having type 1 or type 2 diabetes. There are cases when pre-diabetes may also raise blood glucose levels. But then, do you really feel that diabetes is the sole reason that leads to high blood sugar levels? Don’t you think that there aren’t anymore reasons for the presence of high blood glucose levels? Yes certainly, there are multiple other causes other than diabetes that leads to high blood sugar.

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For instance, your blood glucose levels may rise if you are suffering from any abnormal health condition. When too many disorders affect your body, then chances are quite likely that some of them will affect the ability of molecules and cellulose to receive insulin. As a result, the sugar produced in our body will find no place to head on. In other words, the excessive sugar molecules can increase your blood glucose at the time of fasting tests. Blood sugar may also increase if you are pregnant or during delivery time. During these hours, it has been often observed that the cells present in a woman undergo an instant transformation in a period of immensely charged molecular activity that may at times produce high sugar.

This isn’t all; blood sugar level can be also raised if you go in for inappropriate food stuffs and too in non-symmetrical amounts. To be more specific, if you consume sugar in excessive amounts then your blood sugar level may rise, but then this may not indicate that you are suffering from diabetes.

I hope that after going through this piece of information you now know what causes high blood sugar other than diabetes.

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