The All Natural Way To Reverse Diabetes

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I see so many more people searching out “how to reverse diabetes” on diabetes forums these days. It seems like everyone either has diabetes or someone in their family has it. Almost no one has gone unaffected by this disease.

The rate of diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago and reported on CNN, the number of Americans with diabetes will actually double in the next 25 years. This includes an increasing number of children. It is an epidemic of alarming proportions.

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People who have diabetes are looking beyond traditional medicine for natural ways to not only control diabetes but actually reverse it. In fact, people want a cure for diabetes and since there isn’t one to be found in traditional medicine, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine looking for methods on how to reverse it.

Diabetes is BIG business. You might have noticed an increasing number of ads for diabetic supplies on TV and in magazines. In fact, diabetes is now so prevalent that advertisers are happy to advertise to a general audience, not just in targeted diabetes magazines, because they know that even in a general ad, they’ll hit a lot of people that either have the disease or know someone who does. In other words, diabetics are no longer a niche market. There are so many diabetics in the United States now that just throwing out an ad about diabetic supplies or diabetic pharmaceuticals to the general population will make the advertiser’s investment pay out many times over. They also know that diabetics are often repeat customers for life as they try to manage their disease. Additionally, they try to sell them other diabetic supplies once they have them in the door.

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The University of Chicago study also reported that the cost of treating diabetes will triple in the next 25 years. This means that medical companies that make pharmaceuticals, treatments, and supplies for diabetics will be chomping at the bit to get a piece of this quickly growing multi-billion profit pie. To companies and individuals hoping for a bigger profit from the increasing rate of diabetes, finding a cure or a natural way to reverse it doesn’t help their bottom line. In other words, finding a way to reverse diabetes isn’t really profitable. It is far more profitable for diabetics to continue suffering over the course of their entire lifetime.

Living a life of learning how to “control your diabetes” or “manage your diabetes” isn’t as high a quality of life as learning “how to reverse diabetes” and living a totally normal life. Who really wants to take insulin or take pharmaceuticals that make your blood sugar go on roller coaster rides. For those of us inflicted with diabetes and not attempting to profit from it, we need to know how to reverse it right now.

I am happy to report that I have reversed my diabetes using natural methods and no longer take any diabetic medicine. Starting with an AC1 reading of 10.6, it has now dropped below 6. I also find my blood sugar does not spike when I eat a reasonable amount of carbs, and in fact doesn’t even spike when I indulge on ice cream occasionally.

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