Dissolving Kidney Stones – 3 Effective Home Remedies

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Are you sick and tired of having to deal with the pain of kidney stones? Are you ready to take your life back? Stop being the victim, don’t sit back and let your body take control. Induce the dissolving of kidney stones to eliminate the pain.

With technological advances changing nearly daily, there is no reason whatsoever for a person to have to just sit back and let kidney stones tear through their body. If you prefer to use home remedies, take a moment to think about what grandma would do. Take charge, learn the best methods used for dissolving the stones, the way grandma used to.

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Do you remember being a kid and getting hurt at grandma’s house? Of course you do. She would bring you into the bathroom and open up her medicine cabinet and pull out her bag of tricks.

She had all sorts of interesting remedies that always seemed to work. If you had a splinter, cut, bruise, bee sting anything, grandma could fix it.

1. Lemons are ideal for dissolving kidney stones. I bet now that you are thinking of it, grandma had a lemon in almost every drink. Kidney stones could be the reason she added the lemon to her beverages. The citric acid in lemons breaks down and begins dissolving kidney stones fairly quickly.

2. Cranberry juice is another beverage I bet your grandmother indulged in frequently. She had a plan and a reason behind it. Cranberry juice is beneficial for cleansing the body and is equally beneficial.

3. Get exercise, the way grandma did. Do you remember her taking extra trips to do the laundry, vacuuming the rugs, setting the table and so on. Although you might not consider this exercise, it really is. She might not have been able to run a marathon or join a triathlon, but she did get her fair share of exercise by increasing her physical activity a little at a time. This is exactly what you should do.

As a child we never really pay attention to the little things our elders would do. However, now that it has been neatly put into perspective, you can see clearly that your grandmother was likely working on dissolving kidney stones and maintaining her health while she was enjoying her role as grandma. Isn’t it amazing, the things we can learn from our elders if we only pay attention?

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