Diabetic Warning Signs and How to Spot Them

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Diabetic warning signs are something everyone should be aware of since diabetes is becoming a more and more common disease. Recently, it was reported that over 11 million people in the United States alone are suffering from this insulin-related disease. Diabetes may be common but this doesn’t take away the fact that it is a serious condition. Diabetes can be the start of many serious health problems which can cause people to lose limbs, be invalid or even die.

Diabetes tends to stop the body from producing enough insulin or efficiently utilizing the existing insulin in the body. This hormone is the primary element in the body that takes care of exterminating glucose from the body’s cells. It is when the glucose, or sugar, levels in the body increase when a diabetic’s health suffers and sometimes becomes in grave danger.

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Fortunately though, there are numerous diabetic warning signs that we can spot in order to alert someone that they have a condition that they should be concerned with. Some of these warnings may be exhibited by patients in bulk or they may only have a few. Either way, they should be alerted and should seek medical help.

One of the common diabetic warning signs is frequent urination. When you feel the need to go to the bathroom more often than you do, this may be a sign of diabetes. You should also assess other things that may affect your frequent urination such as drinking too much liquid which may be the real cause.

Other signs are extreme thirst or hunger and sudden weight loss. These two symptoms are contradictory which should be easy to spot because they do not happen to normal people. If you feel like you are always hungry or if you need to drink more often that you are used to, you may have diabetes. Coupled with a sudden and massive weight loss, you should immediately seek medical help and confirm if you have diabetes or not.

Numbness and tingling in the feet and hands is also another sign that you may have diabetes. Other common symptoms also include fatigue, increase in infections which may become alarming, and even excessively dry skin.

The symptoms and warning signs of diabetes vary from one person to another and also vary with the type of diabetes the patient has. Most common are the aforementioned symptoms as well as slow-healing wounds which are reported by most, if not all, patients. Type 1 diabetes warning signs also include vomiting, nausea and even stomach pains.

If you happen to exhibit some of these warning signs, you should seek medical help immediately in order to know what you should do to not make the disease worsen. There are two types of diabetes and you will be diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2. If left untreated, you will continue to suffer the symptoms of having diabetes as well as many other health problems such as kidney failure, blindness, heart diseases, foot problems – all of which are complications of this condition.

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