Diabetes and Higher Than Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

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Everyone with diabetes must be under the care of a doctor but much of the day-to-day care of the diabetic condition is the responsibility of the individual diabetic.

Most type-2 diabetics are instructed to take a meter-reading of their blood sugar levels in the early morning before breakfast, usually referred to as a fasting blood sugar level. The established target after an overnight fast is to be between 70 and 130 mg per deciliter and it is reassuring for the diabetic person when their meter readings shows that they are meeting that target.

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But not every diabetic is able to consistently achieve safe fasting blood sugar levels. It happens with some people that even though they may not have eaten anything since the last meal of the day in the early evening of the night before, sometimes the early morning blood sugars are much higher than expected. It is not the same for everyone and some diabetics do not experience problems but others but do because sometimes during the night hours, the body, through actions of the liver, triggers a series of steps that cause a release of glucose to enter the bloodstream that results in the higher morning reading.

A small snack before bedtime to counter low blood sugars that occur during sleep.

The usual solution suggested to combat the problems of the higher early morning readings is to have a small snack before bedtime that will have the effect of preventing the fall in blood sugar levels that has prompted the liver to intervene and signal the release of glucose. The snack should contain a small amount of carbohydrate, some protein, and some fat.

A suitable snack can be provided with some graham crackers, an ounce or two of low fat cheese, and perhaps a half glass of low fat milk. Another alternative would be a slice of whole-grain bread and some peanut butter or a spread of low fat cottage cheese. The individuals who are faced with the problem can experiment with preferred foods and measure the results – within a day or two, this approach can be confirmed as effective and can them become a long-term solution to the common problem.

This is another case in which the day-to-day management of the diabetic condition rests with the individual. It works, it’s worth a try.

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My name is Jim Robinson and I am a type-2 diabetic. I encounter the above fasting blood sugar problem from time to time and find that the bedtime snack solution works for me. For more on the subject of diabetes, please visit and choose from the List of Topics at Diabetic Menu Guide [] and at Diabetic Food List Plus [].

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