A Natural Cure for Dialysis Is Possible

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Your nephrologist may not be always right while suggesting that dialysis is imminent. Many people dread failure of kidneys as something that can turn life upside down. Not only does the condition of the person undergoing dialysis become terrible, but the treatment costs upwards of thousands of dollars.

A natural cure for dialysis is both cost effective and easy. Some interesting details are presented in the following lines.

Practitioners of natural medicines and naturopaths have successfully treated countless kidney patients or have provided them certain benefits, which were unthinkable of considering condition of the patients. Some of such benefits of natural cure for dialysis include:

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• Stabilization or decrease in creatinine levels of the patients. Creatinine is a bio-chemical whose levels indicate the degree of kidney failure. Higher the level of creatinine inside the body, higher is the degree.

• Decrease in the frequency of dialysis or complete elimination of the need to do so.

• Postpone or completely remove the need of transplant surgery. Note that transplant can be extremely expensive and finding the right donor is tricky. Not to mention the risk of kidney rejection by the body.

• Relief from symptoms like pain, loss of appetite, edema, blood pressure and vomiting.

How Natural Cure for Dialysis Works Out

A combination of treatment methods is used for healing kidneys in the natural way. This includes change in diet and usage of certain herbs in the process.

• A change in diet pattern is enforced, thereby reducing stress on kidney

• Providing ample time to kidney to rest and heal

• By making other organs like liver and bowel to assist kidneys in the cleansing process.

Herbs For Healing Kidneys

Certain herbs are used for healing damaged kidneys. These include the following:

• Boerhavia diffusa: This herb is diuretic and anti-inflammatory

• Tribulus terrestris: Another diuretic herb which assists in removal of kidney stones, dysuria and kidney dysfunction.

• Tinospora cordifolia: Herb which strengthens the immune system of the body.

Diet Plan

Unfortunately, the food items which most people consume these days put immense stress on the kidneys. Natural care for dialysis focuses on consumption of such food items that do not contain such by-products that need to be filtered by these delicate yet important organs. Besides that, these food items provide certain essential nutrients to the body that help in healing the kidneys.

The food items which are prescribed to patients of kidney failure include the following:

• Vegetables like bottle guard, pointed guard, radish, pumpkin and papaya.

• Green gram water.

• Banana water

• Bottle guard juice

• Rice water

A number of conditions such as Renal Insufficiency, Chronic Infective condition, Inflammatory Condition, Diabetic Nephropathy and Hydro Nephrosis can be treated in this way.

Kidney patients ought to consult an expert naturopath as soon as symptoms of the problem surface. They can also try certain exercises, primarily yoga, for speedy recovery. Beginning the treatment well in time is the key to attaining improving in health.

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You Can Naturally Restore Your Kidney Back To Full Health STARTING TODAY!

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