7 Amazing Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

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Are you in search of amazing foods that lower blood sugar levels? Do you want to gather information within next few minutes? If yes! Then without wasting your precious time I will jot down here 7 amazing foods that lower blood sugar levels. The misconception of diabetics will also get clear here that they do not have a wide choice of food items. As there are many delicious diabetic menus.

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French bean

French beans also called kidney beans are a wonderful food choice for diabetics. They have a delicious taste if properly cooked. They are rich in proteins and fiber and contain some complex carbohydrates as well. French beans are strongly recommended by doctors to diabetics for lowering blood glucose levels.

Brussel Sprout

The cocktail of French bean juice and Brussel sprout juice is an amazing juice for lowering blood sugar level. The juice stimulates the insulin production thus lowering level of blood sugar.

Bean Decoction

Bean Decoction is an effective medicine for diabetics. It can be prepared by removing seeds of 50 gm fresh beans. These beans then have to be boiled for 3 hours in 3 ½ liters water. Diabetic should drink a glass of this mixture after every 2 hours for 6 weeks. The decoctions should be prepared daily as otherwise it will lose its blood sugar lowering property.


Lettuce is an ideal food to lower blood sugar level. It is low in cholesterol and carbohydrate. It has been confirmed by ADA, that foods that have lower level of cholesterol, aid the diabetics to keep the cardiovascular problems at a bay.


Tomato is a great food for diabetics as it not only lowers down the level of glucose in urine but also helps them to lose weight.

Soya Bean

Soya bean again keeps the level of sugar of blood and urine in control. It is low in its carbohydrate content but rich in protein.


Onion whether cooked or raw are good for diabetics. It lowers down the level of blood sugar. Onion carries a compound similar to the one that are used for producing insulin.

A balanced diet properly supplemented with vegetables and fruits aids to regulate the levels of sugar in bloodstream.

To have delicious recipes of the above mentioned food list – Just check Diabetes Treatment . You will also find here an amazing food that lowers the blood sugar level if used as described within 4 weeks.

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