Tips for Reversing Diabetes

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The Shocking Truth About Diabetes

Over 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. Diabetes is the number 7 cause of death in the U.S. But medical science keeps their collective heads in the sand about telling its patients about a cure.

Chances are most diabetics have not been exposed to information that is being quietly swept under the rug about the cause and cure for diabetes. The problem is that the cure is too simple for most diabetics to believe. And since there is no real scientific reason to believe it-the medical community is content to keep writing prescriptions.

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Diabetes is a killer-and when it doesn’t kill quickly-too many sufferers live a life of misery. They diligently take the pills and insulin shots seeking relief-but it just doesn’t come. The health care industry admits that this course of action will not make this debilitating condition go away.

The care and treatment of diabetes is a multi-Billion Dollar business. The curious thing is why the health insurance companies aren’t digging into this massive cover up. The drain on their resources must be enormous.

If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you must be desperately seeking some positive information that will assist you toward recovery. But no doubt your doctor has told you there is no cure.

Well I’m here to tell you there is hope for you! And you can begin to reverse your diabetes today.

Just two lifestyle changes are needed to begin diabetes reversal: diet and exercise.

See…I told you it sounds too simple. But what I’m saying is that diet and exercise are the two components of your daily life that no fully qualified doctor will dispute. Yet most of them won’t sit down with you and spell out a regime that will put you on the road to full recovery.

Did you know that diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure? Diabetes is also the leading cause of non-traumatic limb amputations and new cases of blindness in adults. And of course it figures strongly in heart disease and strokes…and this isn’t just my opinion…check out the Mayo Clinic’s website.

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And while you are at it, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have a good bit to say about this condition too. But I don’t recommend you waste your time with the American Diabetes Association. Some of what they recommend sounds suspiciously like they may be getting a big chunk of their funding from the drug companies.

Diet and exercise! I know…it sounds too simple but start your recovery today to reverse your diabetic symptoms:

1. Stop adding sugar to your food and drinks. But beware of artificial sweeteners

2. Reduce your carbohydrate intake.

3. Cut out the “White Foods” like potatoes, rice and refined white flour.

4. Eat more fresh veggies and limit the fruit consumption

5. Read the labels on the processed, packaged foods and drinks you buy. Many are loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup (this crap is really bad for you)

6. Exercise on a regular basis. If a gym membership isn’t practical-take long walks several times a week.

Is this too much of a sacrifice for you? Are you committed to fast foods and the life of a couch potato? Two family friends died from diabetic complications not long ago. That was a tough lesson for both of them.

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If you want proof that diet and exercise will drive this evil menace out of your body then join me on the Diabetes Reversed Naturally Blog []. I’ve documented how my wife Margie reversed her diabetic condition using the steps above. Yes… of course there is more to it than just the few sentences above. Follow my posts that are presented in lesson form-call it Diabetes 101 [].

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