The American Diabetic Diet

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Over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year and over 200,000 deaths are attributed to the disease. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you simply want to take better care of how you eat, it is to your benefit to follow the American Diabetic Diet in order to keep your diabetes under control.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics must learn to follow a diabetic diet plan in order to stay healthy. When following the right meal plan, such as the American Diabetic Diet, diabetic patients are able to effectively control their blood sugar without the need for medications.

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The reason the American Diabetic Diet is so highly effective is because it comprises all food groups. The American Diabetic Diet plan recommends food high in mono unsaturated fats or polyunsaturated fats and low in saturated fats. Most of the calories recommended in the American Diabetic Diet come primarily from carbohydrates, second from fats, then from proteins.

The American Diabetic Diet is to be followed daily and carries the following recommendations:
-5 portions fresh fruit and vegetables (spinach, broccoli and carrots)
-6 portions whole grains (cereals, bread and pasta)
-2 portions (meat, fish or chicken)
-Dairy products (eggs, skim milk, non-fat cheese, yogurt even low-fat ice cream)

Everyone’s make-up is different, so too are their bodily requirements. Some require high calorie consumption. The American Diabetic Diet accommodates this group of people.

The American Diabetic Diet plan for the people requiring 1200-1600 calorie consumption includes:
-Three portions fruits and vegetables
-Two portions milk, yogurt and meat
-Three portions of fats
-Six portions of starches

The American Diabetic Diet plan for people requiring 1600-2000 calorie consumption includes:
-Three portions fruits
-Four portions vegetables
-Two portions milk, yogurt and meat
-Four portions of fats
-Eight portions of starches

The American Diabetic Diet plan for diabetic people requiring 2000-2400 calorie consumption include:
-Three portions fruits
-Four portions vegetables
-Two portions milk, yogurt and meat
-Five portions of fats
-Eleven portions of starches

Popular belief is that diabetic people are not to eat sweets. This is not always the case. The American Diabetic Diet recommends eating sweets but in limited amounts. It is important to eat low-calorie sweets or artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar.

The American Diabetic Diet plan is helpful not only for people suffering from diabetes, but for everyone. People who have diabetes have the same nutritional needs as everyone else. The need for regular exercise is also the same for those with diabetes as it is for those without.

Incorporating exercise and the American Diabetic Diet, along with individually prescribed medications, are essential for managing diabetes. By having a well-balanced diet and choosing the right types of foods, the diabetic can move their blood sugar back towards regular levels. Controlling blood glucose levels is the primary goal of the American Diabetic Diet.

Be healthy and live a longer, happier life through the American Diabetic Diet. Prior to implementing the American Diabetic Diet, please consult your health care physician.

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