Lower Blood Sugar and Reverse Diabetes in 4 Weeks

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It is well documented that Diabetes has become an epidemic in the modern world as our lifestyles have evolved from labour intensive work, fresh home cooking and indirect exercise (walking) to sedentary jobs, eating fast food and taking very little exercise as we jump into our vehicles to drive a couple hundred yards. The western world has become a society of ‘coach potatoes’, lazy individuals who prefer to buy a take away dinner than to cook a wholesome, satisfying meal. The distressing truth is that our change in working habits has created a population of overweight and obese people who go on to develop Type 2 diabetes.

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If you want to prevent or reverse your diabetes; reduce or eliminate medication; lose weight and improve your health continue to read this report or give it to someone you care about.

Do you have diabetes but don’t even know it? Here are some classic diabetic symptoms that may give you cause for concern:
Frequent hunger
Excessive thirst
Repeated urination
Blurred vision
Constant tiredness and
Poor healing of wounds

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms continually I advise you go and visit your doctor, have a blood glucose test done to confirm one way or another whether or not you have diabetes. Let me tell you, if you experience any of these diabetic symptoms, and leave them unchecked, you could be on a downward slope that could could lead to a dangerous situation involving the deterioration of your kidneys, heart, eyes and nerve system, and may even be fatal.

If you have not experienced any of the symptoms above, maybe these will strike a familiar note:
Excessive weight gain or
Weight loss
Regular vaginal infection
Impotence in men
Dry mouth
Tingling sensation around mouth
Metallic taste in your mouth
Unexplained vomiting
Drying skin
Groin rash
Itchy skin
Chronic constipation/diarrhea

Many people who experience some of the aforementioned symptoms do not realise they could be diabetics and go about their daily lives with an illness that is extremely dangerous.

WARNING – Don’t play Russian Roulette with your health, Diabetes can kill!

Diabetes has reached alarming levels globally, and sadly if left unchecked it can lead to serious medical problems, such as blindness, amputations, kidney failure and even death.

However it’s not all doom and gloom, diabetes is an illness that can be controlled and even reversed. Through the use of natural principles you can control your blood sugar levels so that they remain balanced at all times. You can reduce your insulin dose and in many instances stop taking medication because your body has begun to produce insulin naturally.

In order to acquire the benefits of improved diabetic control you will have to bring your immune system back into shape by cleansing your body from the inside so that your pancreas can heal from being bombarded with the junk you feed your body. The cleansing will restore the pancreas to function in peak condition and producing insulin.

The next step is to change your eating habits. No more fast food, fatty foods, sweets, cakes, pastries and chips is a must! Do you know that by simply changing the type of bread you eat can drastically reduce your blood sugar levels? Yes, white bread and believe it or not wholemeal bread raises blood sugar levels rapidly, whereas rye bread is more slow releasing so that and increase in blood sugar is balanced over a three hour period.

The control of carbohydrates in your diet is the key to controlling diabetes. Carbohydrates always raises blood sugar levels and the diet of the western world is made up mainly of carbohydrates and fat. Now I’m not saying you can’t have carbs but that you must not make them the main feature of your meals. For example, your plate each meal time should consist of lean protein, non starch vegetables and the smallest section should be carbs. This could translate as 2 boiled eggs, dry fry tomatoes, mushrooms and onions and 1 slice of rye bread or 1/4 chicken (skin removed and diced) added to unlimited stir-fry vegetables on a bed of 4oz of egg noodles.

Exercise is the other component. You do not have to go and signup at the gym. A brisk walk of 100 -200 yards daily will suffice. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and contributes to weight loss which will eventually have an effect on the pancreas.

Don’t play Russian Roulette with your health, Diabetes can kill. Make the change today.

To your good health

DeAnna Dubois

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