Alternative Remedies That Improve Kidney Function

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The kidneys are very important organs and therefore the body reacts badly when they do not function well. These organs are vital for purifying the blood; they remove metabolic wastes which are excreted from the body in the form of urine. This natural purification system generally works very hard throughout your lifetime but once they get damaged then it is impossible to reverse it. If you feel that your kidney function has reduced then you need to address the problem without any delay. You can save yourself a great deal of trouble if you can improve the functioning of your kidneys. While medical treatments can be very cumbersome and expensive, you are sure to get excellent results if you employ alternative remedies that improve kidney function.

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Some of the most effective alternative remedies include:

1. Water therapy: Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, in small quantities spread throughout the day, will help your kidneys function better since the water will help flush impurities out. Remember to avoid drinking large quantities at a single go because excess water in the system has a negative effect on blood pressure and can also overload the kidneys.

2. Low protein diet: Protein in the diet results in the greatest amount of metabolic wastes that the kidney has to strain out from the blood. If you reduce the amount of protein you eat drastically then your kidneys will automatically get some rest.

3. Exercise: Regular exercise can improve your blood circulation and help you lose weight. It will also keep your blood pressure within a healthy range. This will take excess pressure off your kidneys. If your kidney function is less than 50% and if you are very overweight, then it is best to start exercising gradually without exerting yourself too much; a 30 minute walk everyday will be very beneficial but you can increase the amount and intensity of exercise gradually. Yoga and Tai Chi will also help improve your metabolism without giving rise to a lot of stress.

If you can stick to these alternative remedies that improve kidney function for a couple of months then your health will definitely improve. You will be able to avoid having to go for regular dialysis if you can help your kidneys work properly. As a matter of fact, you will see that your overall health, and not just that of your kidneys, improves exponentially as a result of these remedies.

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Read about various alternative remedies that improve kidney function. Use them to ensure that you do not have to get expensive and inconvenient medical treatment for your kidneys.

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