What Vitamins Help with Diabetes?

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People with diabetes have a need for certain vitamins which may have been lost from a lack of certain foods. Getting the right vitamins is a big necessity for diabetes sufferers. This article will cover which vitamins are needed. (These vitamins can be found in supplements)

Vitamin C – people with Type 1 Diabetes have low vitamin C levels. Diabetics need vitamins C as it lowers sorbitol levels. Sorbitol is a type of sugar than can accumulate and damage the eyes, nerves and kidneys of diabetics. You should supplement your diet with around 2 grams of vitamin C every day.

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Vitamin E – people with diabetes have a much higher need for vitamin E as it improves insulin activity.

Vitamin B12 – vitamin B12 is needed for normal functioning of nerve cells. You should be taking 500mcg of B12 three times a day.

Vitamin B6 – vitamin B6 supplements improve glucose levels in women with diabetes caused by pregnancy.

Biotin is a B vitamin needed to process glucose in diabetics. It may also reduce pain from diabetic nerve damage.

Other vitamins that diabetics should be taking include: Carnitine, Taurine, Inositol, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium and Chromium. They should all be taken in different amounts according to your type of diabetes. For more information on exactly what you should be taking see your doctor.

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It can be confusing keeping up with what vitamins you should be taking and how much you have taken each day. There are certain supplements on the market that include many of the vitamins you need, all in one pill.

For more information on vitamins for diabetics click here.

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