Tips to Help You Stop Smoking

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Smoking has been part of our culture for years. We all know that smoking is one of the leading causes in human death and disease. Regardless of the public messages that set out to warn everyone about the dangers of smoking, it is still a habit that is picked up by many, and that can feel impossible to break.

Most current smokers will have had their first puff in their teenage days, when they may have felt pressure to fit in with the social scene. Others may have picked it up in early adulthood as a way of coping with stress. No matter how a smoker had gotten hooked, there is evidence to suggest that cigarettes cause an addiction by altering the chemical balances within the body.

Most smokers struggle with their balances between dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical that is responsible for the addiction to cigarettes. It produces a “feel-good” feeling in your system, and can often inhibit your impulse control, giving you a chemical release when you smoke that encourages the behavior to be repeated.

Serotonin is also responsible for the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you can’t have a cigarette, such as feelings of anxiousness. This cycle of addiction can be very overwhelming and difficult to break. Most people often reach out to a support system, such as family, friends and health care professionals to help them through the stages.

Once someone has made the decision to quit, there are a few tips that can be used to help them through the process. First, the person should reach out for help from family and friends. If they feel that this will not be a strong source of support, there are several community support groups, as well as internet support groups that can help them through their struggles. Quitting with a friend can often help both people succeed in the long run.

By putting a healthy eating and exercise routine in place, you will have a different outlet for your anxious energy, can help to detoxify your body and start the healing process faster. Remembering to drink lots of water and visiting your local health food store for fiber based foods and cleansers can help get the nicotine out of your body faster. Once your healthy routine is in place, you are sure to start feeling the positive effects of being nicotine free.

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