The Basic Symptoms of Renal Problems

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Are you tensed about kidney diseases?

If one can recognize the kidney disease at an early stage, the treatment would become much easier for the doctors. Nowadays a number of people are suffering from kidney problems. You need to identify the symptoms and then go to the doctor for proper cure. Actually the symptoms are kind of silently occurring changes in the body which is difficult for the person to understand. There are various kinds of symptoms. Mainly basic symptoms are the lighter ones. But if the disease has reached a higher stage, then there are complex symptoms. But is it possible to assess your body on your own? For that you need to know about the basics of kidney symptoms.

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The signs of danger

The symptoms which are generally associated with the kidney diseases mainly occur due to the less quantity of lecithin. The deficiency of lecithin results in the gathering of calcium in the tissues of the kidneys which leads to swelling. These swellings prohibit the kidneys form normal functioning. The kidney is basically the organ which helps in purifying the blood. Any effect on the kidney will lead to impure blood.

The symptoms include:

• Blood in urine
• Swelling of body parts
• Fatigue
• Change in the taste of food
• Anemia
• Loss of appetite
• Pain in the back

A kidney generally produces the urine. So if the kidney is affected, it is obvious that there would be a change in the pattern of urination. If you notice any change in the pattern, you can consider it as your first symptom. Immediately seek for a doctor’s help in those cases. When the kidney is damaged, excess fluids cannot pave their way out of the body. This leads to swelling of many body parts. The swelling is quite painful. Fatigue is experienced when the percentage of oxygen in the blood is quite low. This results in breaking down of more red blood corpuscles, consuming more energy and less supply to the brain. As the brain does not get enough blood, it leads to fatigue.

It makes the person look sleepy. This state is generally known as anemia. The other symptoms are caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B6 and magnesium in the diet. Alcohol can also lead to kidney problems. So if you want to avoid kidney problems, you need to follow a proper kidney disease diet plan and avoid alcohol as much as you can.

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