Is Kidney Damage Reversible

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Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD is a health condition to be concerned about. It is defined as the loss in the kidney’s ability to filter wastes from the bloodstream. The malady is of a progressive nature. The gradual degeneration of kidney function eventually culminates in complete renal failure. This health condition cannot be reversed or cured completely. However, the symptoms can be controlled with appropriate chronic kidney disease treatments and minor alterations to lifestyle habits.

An Early Diagnosis
Chronic Kidney Disease is classified into 5 stages. The first three stages feature low to moderate renal injury while stage 4 and 5 are characterized by severe damage. Unlike acute renal failure, CKD does not display conspicuous symptoms in the earlier stages. It builds up slowly. In some cases, symptoms do not manifest until the 3rd stage. Persons with a family history of renal problems or those suffering diabetes and high blood pressure should beware. The symptoms include a decrease in urine output, swelling caused by fluid retention, high blood pressure, fatigue, changes in mental function (poor concentration), nausea, sluggish movements and lower back pain. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately. Regular checkups will help catch an infection in its early stage and could possibly prevent progression of the disease. Renal disease detected after the 3rd stage is irreversible.

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Treating the Underlying Causes
Renal dysfunction develops as a natural consequence of various health conditions including high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and recurrent kidney stones. In order to reverse kidney damage, you should control and treat its underlying cause. This can be done by following a strict diet combined with regular use of medications.

A Pro-Kidney Disease Diet
Diet restrictions are an effective treatment measure for this health condition. The aim of such a diet is to reduce waste and fluid buildup in the body. A diet designed for renal problems should include salt and salty foods in limited quantities. Salt increases the amount of fluid the body retains. Reduce the amount of salt used in cooking. You substitute salt with seasoning herbs and lemon. Canned foods, processed meats, sauces, fast foods and salty snacks should be avoided or eaten in smaller quantities as they are rich in sodium.

Proteins put tremendous strain on the kidneys. Large amounts of protein can cause urea buildup in the blood. At the same time, one cannot eliminate proteins completely because they help fight infections, build muscles and heal wounds. The best option therefore is to adjust your protein intake. Include lean-protein in your diet. Poultry and fish are favorable protein food sources for chronic kidney disease patients.

You will also likely need to avoid foods high in potassium and phosphorus. Phosphorus buildup in the event of poor kidney function causes an imbalance in the level of calcium. It leaches calcium resulting in weak and brittle bones. Oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes, nuts, avocados and tomato (pastes, juices and sauces) are rich in potassium while cola drinks, chicken nuggets, deli meats, pudding mixes, packaged instant soups and cakes mixes are high in phosphorus. They are better avoided on limited.

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Along with diet and proper medications, it is essential that you exercise regularly. Lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking and drinking.

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