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Five Romantic Dinner Ideas

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Is one having a difficult time spicing up one’s romantic dinner dates? Is one in need of help keeping the romantic flame alive and well? Well, be sad no more for here are five Romantic dinner ideas or romantic date ideas that are sure to make one’s partner smile and say to herself how fortunate or lucky she is for having such a thoughtful and romantic boyfriend.

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  1. Prepare a romantic dinner menu that is composed of food items that are a favorite of one’s partner. Once this has been decided, make an effort of cooking the meals for her instead of just taking her to a restaurant that offers the romantic dinner menu.
  2. Go on a gastric adventure with your partner. Toss a coin and drive about town. If the coin shows “heads” then one should turn right. If it’s a “tails”, one should turn left. Toss the coin five or ten times. The final toss should indicate the last turn and whatever restaurant is found in this final turn should be where you and your partner should have a dinner date. This is exciting because both of you do not have a clue as to where you’re headed or where your last stop will be. This should be enough to get one’s adrenaline running, rushing and the romantic flame alive and burning.
  3. Take SEXY to the next level with a Naked Cook-out wherein the two of you cook meals for your dinner date at home with nothing but your best aprons on. The skimpier the apron the better and sexier. It’s up to the two of you if you want to have a foretaste of the sumptuous dessert that waits (you know what this is!) while the two of you pass the time for the pasta to be cooked and its sauce to become thicker.
  4. Go skinny-dipping while enjoying fine wine and after a delicious dinner taken out of a romantic dinner menu that you requested a first-class or fine-dining restaurant to come up with and which allowed you to take-out the meal that you could bring it with you to a waterfalls where your partner is waiting in her skimpiest and sexiest of swimsuit.
  5. Play pretend with your partner. Ask your partner to have dinner with you in a restaurant outside of town. When you get there, you both pretend you are in a blind date with the premise that both of you know nothing of each other. You don’t talk about work and the children. You instead get to know each other all over again, which could lead to the two of you falling in love all over again as well. Isn’t this most exciting?

So, did these romantic date ideas give one an idea for one’s next romantic dinner date? Well, these are but five Romantic dinner ideas. Maybe you’ve got something more up your sleeve. How about writing an article about these ideas? Help couples make their dinner dates exciting.

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